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Table NameIndex TypeKey or Field List
apogeeDesign primary keydesignid
apogeeField primary keylocation_id
apogeeObject primary keytarget_id
apogeeObject covering indexapogee_id, j, h, k, j_err, h_err, k_err
apogeePlate primary keyplate_visit_id
apogeeStar primary keyapstar_id
apogeeStar covering indexapogee_id
apogeeStar covering indexhtmID
apogeeStarAllVisit primary keyvisit_id, apstar_id
apogeeStarVisit primary keyvisit_id
apogeeVisit primary keyvisit_id
apogeeVisit covering indexapogee_id
apogeeVisit covering indexplate, mjd, fiberid
aspcapStar primary keyaspcap_id
aspcapStar covering indexapstar_id
aspcapStarCovar primary keyaspcap_covar_id, aspcap_id
AtlasOutline primary keyobjID
AtlasOutline foreign keyPhotoObjAll(objID)
cannonStar primary keycannon_id
DataConstants primary keyfield, name
DataConstants covering indexvalue
DBColumns primary keytableName, name
DBColumns foreign keyDBObjects(name)
DBObjects primary keyname
DBViewCols primary keyviewName, name
DBViewCols foreign keyDBObjects(name)
Dependency primary keyparent, child
detectionIndex primary keythingId, objID
detectionIndex foreign keythingIndex(thingID)
detectionIndex covering indexthingID
Diagnostics primary keyname
emissionLinesPort primary keyspecObjID
Field primary keyfieldID
Field covering indexfield, camcol, run, rerun
Field covering indexrun, camcol, field, rerun
FieldProfile primary keyfieldID, bin, band
FieldProfile foreign keyField(fieldID)
FileGroupMap primary keytableName
FileGroupMap foreign keyPartitionMap(fileGroupName)
First primary keyobjID
Frame primary keyfieldID, zoom
Frame foreign keyField(fieldID)
Frame covering indexfield, camcol, run, zoom, rerun
Frame covering indexhtmID, zoom, cx, cy, cz, a, b, c, d, e, f, node, incl
galSpecExtra primary keyspecObjID
galSpecIndx primary keyspecObjID
galSpecInfo primary keyspecObjID
galSpecLine primary keyspecObjID
HalfSpace primary keyconstraintid
HalfSpace foreign keyRegion(regionID)
HalfSpace covering indexregionID, convexID, x, y, z, c
History primary keyid
IndexMap primary keyindexmapid
IndexMap foreign keyDBObjects(name)
Inventory primary keyfilename, name
Inventory foreign keyDBObjects(name)
LoadHistory primary keyloadVersion, tStart
mangaDAPall primary keyplateIFU, daptype
mangaDAPall foreign keymangaTarget(mangaID)
mangaDRPall primary keyplateIFU
mangaDRPall foreign keymangaTarget(mangaID)
mangaFirefly primary keyplateIFU
mangaHIall primary keyplateIFU
mangaHIbonus primary keyplateIFU
mangaPipe3D primary keyplateIFU
mangaTarget primary keymangaID
marvelsStar primary keySTARNAME, PLATE
marvelsVelocityCurveUF1D primary keySTARNAME, BEAM, RADECID, FCJD, [LST-OBS]
Mask primary keymaskID
Mask covering indexhtmID, ra, dec, cx, cy, cz
MaskedObject primary keyobjid, maskid
MaskedObject foreign keyPhotoObjAll(objID)
MaskedObject foreign keyMask(maskID)
Neighbors primary keyobjID, NeighborObjID
Neighbors foreign keyPhotoObjAll(objID)
nsatlas primary keynsaID
PartitionMap primary keyfileGroupName
PhotoObjAll primary keyobjID
PhotoObjAll foreign keyField(fieldID)
PhotoObjAll covering indexmode, cy, cx, cz, htmID, type, flags, ra, dec, u, g, r, i, z
PhotoObjAll covering indexhtmID, cx, cy, cz, type, mode, flags, ra, dec, u, g, r, i, z
PhotoObjAll covering indexhtmID, run, camcol, field, rerun, type, mode, flags, cx, cy, cz, g, r
PhotoObjAll covering indexfield, run, rerun, camcol, type, mode, flags, rowc, colc, ra, dec, u, g, r, i, z
PhotoObjAll covering indexfieldID, objID, ra, dec, r, type, flags
PhotoObjAll covering indexSpecObjID, cx, cy, cz, mode, type, flags, ra, dec, u, g, r, i, z
PhotoObjAll covering indexcx, cy, cz, htmID, mode, type, flags, ra, dec, u, g, r, i, z
PhotoObjAll covering indexrun, mode, type, flags, u, g, r, i, z, Err_u, Err_g, Err_r, Err_i, Err_z
PhotoObjAll covering indexrun, camcol, rerun, type, mode, flags, ra, dec, fieldID, field, u, g, r, i, z
PhotoObjAll covering indexrun, camcol, field, mode, parentID, q_r, q_g, u_r, u_g, fiberMag_u, fiberMag_g, fiberMag_r, fiberMag_i, fiberMag_z
PhotoObjAll covering indexrun, camcol, type, mode, cx, cy, cz
PhotoObjAll covering indexra, [dec], type, mode, flags, u, g, r, i, z, psfMag_u, psfMag_g, psfMag_r, psfMag_i, psfMag_z
PhotoObjAll covering indexb, l, type, mode, flags, u, g, r, i, z, psfMag_u, psfMag_g, psfMag_r, psfMag_i, psfMag_z
PhotoObjAll covering indexphototag
PhotoObjAll covering indexparentid, mode, type
PhotoObjDR7 primary keydr8objID
PhotoObjDR7 covering indexdr7objID
PhotoPrimaryDR7 primary keydr8objID
PhotoProfile primary keyobjID, bin, band
PhotoProfile foreign keyPhotoObjAll(objID)
Photoz primary keyobjID
Photoz foreign keyPhotoObjAll(objID)
PhotozErrorMap primary keycellID
plate2Target primary keyplate2TargetID, plate, objid
PlateX primary keyplateID
PlateX covering indexhtmID, ra, dec, cx, cy, cz
ProfileDefs primary keybin
ProperMotions primary keyobjID
ProperMotions foreign keyPhotoObjAll(objID)
PubHistory primary keyname, loadversion
qsoVarPTF primary keyVAR_OBJID
qsoVarStripe primary keyVAR_OBJID
QueryResults primary keyquery, time
RC3 primary keyobjID
RecentQueries primary keyipAddr, lastQueryTime
Region primary keyregionId
RegionArcs primary keyregionId, convexid, arcid
RegionArcs foreign keyRegion(regionID)
RegionPatch primary keyregionid, convexid, patchid
RegionPatch foreign keyRegion(regionID)
RegionPatch covering indexhtmID, ra, dec, x, y, z, type
RMatrix primary keymode, row
Rosat primary keyobjID
RunShift primary keyrun
SDSSConstants primary keyname
sdssEbosFirefly primary keyspecObjID
sdssImagingHalfspaces primary keysdssPolygonID, x, y, z
sdssPolygon2Field primary keysdssPolygonID, fieldID
sdssPolygons primary keysdssPolygonID
sdssTargetParam primary keytargetVersion, paramFile, name
sdssTileAll primary keytile
sdssTileAll foreign keysdssTilingRun(tileRun)
sdssTileAll covering unique indextileRun, tile
sdssTileAll covering indexhtmID, racen, deccen, cx, cy, cz
sdssTiledTargetAll primary keytargetID
sdssTiledTargetAll covering indexhtmID, ra, dec, cx, cy, cz
sdssTilingGeometry primary keytilingGeometryID
sdssTilingGeometry foreign keysdssTilingRun(tileRun)
sdssTilingInfo primary keytileRun, targetID
sdssTilingInfo foreign keysdssTilingRun(tileRun)
sdssTilingInfo covering unique indextargetID, tileRun, collisionGroup
sdssTilingInfo covering unique indextileRun, tid, collisionGroup
sdssTilingInfo covering indextile, collisionGroup
sdssTilingRun primary keytileRun
segueTargetAll primary keyobjID
segueTargetAll covering indexsegue1_target1, segue2_target1
SiteConstants primary keyname
SiteDiagnostics primary keyname
SpecDR7 primary keyspecObjID
SpecObjAll primary keyspecObjID
SpecObjAll foreign keyPlateX(plateID)
SpecObjAll covering indexhtmID, ra, dec, cx, cy, cz, sciencePrimary
SpecObjAll covering indexBestObjID, sourceType, sciencePrimary, class, htmID, ra, dec, plate, mjd, fiberid, z, zErr
SpecObjAll covering indexclass, zWarning, z, sciencePrimary, plateId, bestObjID, targetObjId, htmID, ra, dec
SpecObjAll covering indextargetObjID, sourceType, sciencePrimary, class, htmID, ra, dec
SpecObjAll covering indexra, [dec], class, plate, tile, z, zErr, sciencePrimary, plateID, bestObjID
SpecObjAll covering indexfluxObjID
SpecPhotoAll primary keyspecObjID
SpecPhotoAll foreign keySpecObjAll(specObjID)
SpecPhotoAll covering indexobjID, sciencePrimary, class, z, targetObjid
SpecPhotoAll covering indextargetObjID, sciencePrimary, class, z, objid
spiders_quasar primary keyname
sppLines primary keyspecObjID
sppParams primary keyspecObjID
sppTargets primary keyTARGETID
stellarMassFSPSGranEarlyDust primary keyspecObjID
stellarMassFSPSGranEarlyNoDust primary keyspecObjID
stellarMassFSPSGranWideDust primary keyspecObjID
stellarMassFSPSGranWideNoDust primary keyspecObjID
stellarMassPassivePort primary keyspecObjID
stellarMassPCAWiscBC03 primary keyspecObjID
stellarMassPCAWiscM11 primary keyspecObjID
stellarMassStarformingPort primary keyspecObjID
StripeDefs primary keystripe
Target primary keytargetID
TargetInfo primary keyskyVersion, targetID
TargetInfo foreign keyTarget(targetID)
thingIndex primary keythingId
thingIndex foreign keysdssPolygons(sdssPolygonID)
thingIndex covering indexobjID
TwoMass primary keyobjID
TwoMass covering indexra
TwoMass covering indexdec
TwoMass covering indexj
TwoMass covering indexh
TwoMass covering indexk
TwoMass covering indexccflag
TwoMass covering indexphqual
TwoMassXSC primary keyobjID
USNO primary keyobjID
Versions primary keyversion
WISE_allsky primary keycntr
WISE_allsky covering indexw1mpro
WISE_allsky covering indexw2mpro
WISE_allsky covering indexw3mpro
WISE_allsky covering indexw4mpro
WISE_allsky covering indexn_2mass
WISE_allsky covering indextmass_key
WISE_allsky covering indexra, dec
WISE_allsky covering indexglat, glon
WISE_allsky covering indexj_m_2mass
WISE_allsky covering indexh_m_2mass
WISE_allsky covering indexk_m_2mass
WISE_allsky covering indexw1rsemi
WISE_allsky covering indexblend_ext_flags
WISE_allsky covering indexw1cc_map
WISE_allsky covering indexw2cc_map
WISE_allsky covering indexw3cc_map
WISE_allsky covering indexw4cc_map
WISE_allsky covering indexrjce
WISE_xmatch primary keysdss_objID, wise_cntr
WISE_xmatch covering indexwise_cntr
wiseForcedTarget primary keyobjID
wiseForcedTarget covering indexra, dec, has_wise_phot, treated_as_pointsource
Zone primary keyzoneID, ra, objID
Zone foreign keyPhotoObjAll(objID)
zoo2MainPhotoz primary keydr7objid
zoo2MainSpecz primary keydr7objid
zoo2MainSpecz foreign keyPhotoObjAll(objid)
zoo2Stripe82Coadd1 primary keystripe82objid
zoo2Stripe82Coadd1 foreign keyPhotoObjAll(objid)
zoo2Stripe82Coadd2 primary keystripe82objid
zoo2Stripe82Coadd2 foreign keyPhotoObjAll(objid)
zoo2Stripe82Normal primary keydr7objid
zoo2Stripe82Normal foreign keyPhotoObjAll(objid)
zooConfidence primary keyspecObjID
zooConfidence covering indexobjID
zooMirrorBias primary keydr7objid
zooMirrorBias covering indexobjID
zooMonochromeBias primary keydr7objid
zooMonochromeBias covering indexobjID
zooNoSpec primary keydr7objid
zooNoSpec covering indexobjID
zooSpec primary keyspecObjID
zooSpec covering indexobjID
zooVotes primary keydr7objid
zooVotes covering indexobjID