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Table Descriptions

sppLinesSPECTRO Contains outputs from the SEGUE Stellar Parameter Pipeline (SSPP).
Spectra for over 500,000 Galactic stars of all common spectral types are available with DR8. These Spectra were processed with a pipeline called the SEGUE Stellar Parameter Pipeline (SSPP, Lee et al. 2008) that computes line indices for a wide range of common features at the radial velocity of the star in question. Note that the line indices for TiO5, TiO8, CaH1, CaH2, and CaH3 are calculated following the prescription given by the Hammer program (Covey et al. 2007). UVCN and BLCN line indices are computed by he equations given in Smith & Norris (1982), and FeI_4 and FeI_5 indices by the recipe in Friel (1987). FeI_1, FeI_2, FeI_3, and SrII line indices are only computed from the local continuum. Thus, these line indices calculated from different methods report the same values for both the local continuum and the global continuum. These outputs are stored in this table, and indexed on the specObjID key index parameter for queries joining to other tables such as specobjall and photoobjall. See the Sample Queries in SkyServer for examples of such queries.