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Table Descriptions

stellarMassPCAWiscM11SPECTRO Estimated stellar masses for SDSS and BOSS galaxies (Wisconsin method, Maraston models)
Stellar masses using the method of Chen et al. (2012). In this table, the best estimate of stellar mass is 'mstellar_median'. This version of the table uses the Maraston and Stromback (2011) stellar population synthesis models. Please use the 'warning' values to check for data quality: warning = 0 : Results correspond to a best-fit PCA spectrum (no problems detected) warning = 1 : Target redshift too small (z < 0.05) warning = 2 : Target redshift too large (z > 0.80) warning = 3 : READSPEC cannot get wavelength vector warning = 4 : Available wavelengths all outside PCA coverage warning = 5 : Unable to project projection wavelength range warning = 6 : Unable to select projection wavelength range warning = 7 : Minimum chi^2 less than zero warning = 8 : Total of log mass PDF equal to zero warning = 9 : Total of velocity dispersion PDF equal to zero