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This page lists changes and additions to this site. The changes include interface enhancements as well as updates to the data that is served by the site.

  • October 31, 2008:
    • DR7 released. Please see the main DR7 site for general information about Data Release 7 - the final data release of SDSS-II. DR7 changes in the CAS are listed below (links may work on DR7 sites only):
      • There are four different datasets released as part of DR7. In addition to the usual two - BestDR7 and TargDR7 - there are two additional datasets: Stripe82 and Runs. The SkyServer DR7 site hosts the BestDR7 and TargDR7 databases, whereas the Stripe 82 SkyServer and Runs SkyServer sites provide access to the Stripe82 and Runs databases respectively.
      • The SEGUE data for DR7 is included in the BestDR7 dataset, The Supernova Survey data is included in the Stripe82 dataset.
    • New CrossID upload page: The new crossid tool combines imaging and spectro crossid functionality and lets you upload a list of points or SDSS IDs that you want to match against the data in the database.
    • Spectroscopic nearest-neighbor search functions have been added to the fGetNearby and fGetNearest function family. For example, fGetNearbySpecObjEq lets you find all the spectra (SpecObj) within the given search radius of an equatorial point (RA,dec).
    • Updated SDSS Data Archive Server (DAS) Interface: All the CAS query tools now provide buttons on the query output page to allow uploading the query results to the DAS to retrieve the corresponding FITS files where applicable (when the required columns are included in the query output). See the help for the individual search tools or the main search page for more information.
    • Additional sample queries are included for DR7 on the Sample SQL Queries Help page.
  • June 2007:
    • DR6 released. Please see the main DR6 site for general information about Data Release 6. DR6 changes in the CAS are listed below (links will work on DR6 sites only):
      • The following new tables have been added: Ap7Mag, sppLines, sppParams, and UberCal have been Please see also the algorithm entries for the sppLines, sppParams and UberCal tables.
      • The QuasarCatalog table has been renamed to DR3QuasarCatalog, and a new table, DR5QuasarCatalog, has been added that contains the confirmed quasars from the previous data release, DR5 (Schneider et al. 2007, AJ, in press). Note that this table is not available on the DR5 sites, since it was added well after DR5 was released.
    • The default output precision on double-precision floating point columns (e.g., R.A., declination) has been increased to 8 decimal places, and to 6 decimal places for single-precision floating point columns (e.g., redshifts, magnitudes). Note that you can always change the default precision of columns in your output, as described in the FAQ.
    • The Explore tool now displays units for columns (where applicable) shown on the summary page, and each column name is a link to the Glossary entry for that quantity (if there is one).
  • May 2007:
    • Help section extensively redesigned
    • FAQ updated
    • Introduction to Skyserver added
    • Cooking with Sloan guides added
  • June 2006:
  • May 2006:
    • Added More Observations and All Spectra links to the Explore page so multiple imaging and spectroscopic observations of an object can be viewed. Also added mouseover tool-tips to Explore TOC.
    • Broken spectrum links on Portuguese Explore page fixed and Google search page added to Portuguese branch (still needs translation).
    • FAQ page updated to include entries about long objID encoding and SDSS mirror sites.
  • Mar 2006:
  • Feb 2006:
  • Dec 2005:
  • Nov 2005:
    • Support for HH MM SS format (for R.A.) and DD MM SS format (for dec.) added to Finding Chart
    • Query limits for SQL queries decreased.
  • Oct 2005: Sample queries for spatial searches added to Sample Queries page

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