TABLE  BestTarget2Sector

Map PhotoObj which are potential targets to sectors

PhotoObj should only appear once in this list because any ra,dec should belong to a unique sector

objIDbigint8 ID_CATALOGID of the best PhotoObj
regionIDbigint8 ID_CATALOGID of the sector
statusLink to PhotoStatusint4 CODE_MISCStatus of the object in the survey
primTargetLink to PrimTargetint4 CODE_MISCBit mask of primary target categories the object was selected in.
secTargetLink to SecTargetint4 CODE_MISCBit mask of secondary target categories the object was selected in.
petroMag_rreal4magPHOT_SDSS_RPetrosian flux
extinction_rreal4magPHOT_EXTINCTION_GALExtinction in each filter