VIEW  GalaxyTag


The objects classified as galaxies from primary PhotoTag objects.

The GalaxyTag view essentially contains the abbreviated photometric parameters from the PhotoTag table (no redshifts or spectroscopic parameters) for all primary point-like objects, including quasars.

objIDbigint8 ID_MAINUnique SDSS identifier composed from [skyVersion,rerun,run,camcol,field,obj].
skyVersiontinyint1 CODE_MISC0 = OPDB target, 1 = OPDB best
runsmallint2 OBS_RUNRun number
rerunsmallint2 CODE_MISCRerun number
camcoltinyint1 INST_IDCamera column
fieldsmallint2 ID_FIELDField number
objsmallint2 ID_NUMBERThe object id within a field. Usually changes between reruns of the same field.
modetinyint1 CLASS_OBJECT1: primary, 2: secondary, 3: family object.
nChildsmallint2 NUMBERNumber of children if this is a composite object that has been deblended. BRIGHT (in a flags sense) objects also have nchild == 1, the non-BRIGHT sibling.
typeLink to PhotoTypesmallint2 CLASS_OBJECTMorphological type classification of the object.
probPSFreal4 STAT_PROBABILITYProbability that the object is a star. Currently 0 if type == 3 (galaxy), 1 if type == 6 (star).
insideMaskLink to InsideMasktinyint1 CODE_MISCFlag to indicate whether object is inside a mask and why
flagsLink to PhotoFlagsbigint8 CODE_MISCPhoto Object Attribute Flags
psfMag_ureal4magPHOT_SDSS_UPSF flux
psfMag_greal4magPHOT_SDSS_GPSF flux
psfMag_rreal4magPHOT_SDSS_RPSF flux
psfMag_ireal4magPHOT_SDSS_IPSF flux
psfMag_zreal4magPHOT_SDSS_ZPSF flux
psfMagErr_ureal4magPHOT_SDSS_U ERRORPSF flux error
psfMagErr_greal4magPHOT_SDSS_G ERRORPSF flux error
psfMagErr_rreal4magPHOT_SDSS_R ERRORPSF flux error
psfMagErr_ireal4magPHOT_SDSS_I ERRORPSF flux error
psfMagErr_zreal4magPHOT_SDSS_Z ERRORPSF flux error
petroMag_ureal4magPHOT_SDSS_UPetrosian flux
petroMag_greal4magPHOT_SDSS_GPetrosian flux
petroMag_rreal4magPHOT_SDSS_RPetrosian flux
petroMag_ireal4magPHOT_SDSS_IPetrosian flux
petroMag_zreal4magPHOT_SDSS_ZPetrosian flux
petroMagErr_ureal4magPHOT_SDSS_U ERRORPetrosian flux error
petroMagErr_greal4magPHOT_SDSS_G ERRORPetrosian flux error
petroMagErr_rreal4magPHOT_SDSS_R ERRORPetrosian flux error
petroMagErr_ireal4magPHOT_SDSS_I ERRORPetrosian flux error
petroMagErr_zreal4magPHOT_SDSS_Z ERRORPetrosian flux error
petroR50_rreal4arcsecEXTENSION_RADRadius containing 50% of Petrosian flux
petroR90_rreal4arcsecEXTENSION_RADRadius containing 90% of Petrosian flux
modelMag_ureal4magPHOT_SDSS_U FIT_PARAMbetter of DeV/Exp magnitude fit
modelMag_greal4magPHOT_SDSS_G FIT_PARAMbetter of DeV/Exp magnitude fit
modelMag_rreal4magPHOT_SDSS_R FIT_PARAMbetter of DeV/Exp magnitude fit
modelMag_ireal4magPHOT_SDSS_I FIT_PARAMbetter of DeV/Exp magnitude fit
modelMag_zreal4magPHOT_SDSS_Z FIT_PARAMbetter of DeV/Exp magnitude fit
modelMagErr_ureal4magPHOT_SDSS_U ERRORbetter of DeV/Exp magnitude fit error
modelMagErr_greal4magPHOT_SDSS_G ERRORbetter of DeV/Exp magnitude fit error
modelMagErr_rreal4magPHOT_SDSS_R ERRORbetter of DeV/Exp magnitude fit error
modelMagErr_ireal4magPHOT_SDSS_I ERRORbetter of DeV/Exp magnitude fit error
modelMagErr_zreal4magPHOT_SDSS_Z ERRORbetter of DeV/Exp magnitude fit error
mRrCc_rreal4 FIT_PARAMAdaptive ( + )
mRrCcErr_rreal4 FIT_PARAM ERRORError in adaptive ( + )
lnLStar_rreal4 FIT_GOODNESSStar ln(likelihood)
lnLExp_rreal4 FIT_GOODNESSExponential disk fit ln(likelihood)
lnLDeV_rreal4 FIT_GOODNESSDeVaucouleurs fit ln(likelihood)
statusLink to PhotoStatusint4 CODE_MISCStatus of the object in the survey
rafloat8degPOS_EQ_RA_MAINJ2000 right ascension (r')
decfloat8degPOS_EQ_DEC_MAINJ2000 declination (r')
cxfloat8 POS_EQ_CART_Xunit vector for ra+dec
cyfloat8 POS_EQ_CART_Yunit vector for ra+dec
czfloat8 POS_EQ_CART_Zunit vector for ra+dec
primTargetLink to PrimTargetint4 CODE_MISCBit mask of primary target categories the object was selected in.
secTargetLink to SecTargetint4 CODE_MISCBit mask of secondary target categories the object was selected in.
extinction_ureal4magPHOT_EXTINCTION_GALExtinction in each filter
extinction_greal4magPHOT_EXTINCTION_GALExtinction in each filter
extinction_rreal4magPHOT_EXTINCTION_GALExtinction in each filter
extinction_ireal4magPHOT_EXTINCTION_GALExtinction in each filter
extinction_zreal4magPHOT_EXTINCTION_GALExtinction in each filter
htmIDbigint8 CODE_HTM20-deep hierarchical trangular mesh ID of this object
fieldIDbigint8 ID_FIELDLink to the field this object is in
SpecObjIDbigint8 ID_CATALOGPointer to the spectrum of object, if exists, else 0
sizereal4  computed: =SQRT(mRrCc_r/2.0)