TABLE  HalfSpace

The contraints for boundaries of the the different regions

Boundaries are represented as the equation of a 3D plane, intersecting the unit sphere. These intersections are great and small circles. THe representation is in terms of a 4-vector, (x,y,z,c), where (x,y,z) are the components of a 3D normal vector pointing along the normal of the plane into the half-scape inside our boundary, and c is the shift of the plane along the normal from the origin. Thus, c=0 constraints represent great circles. If c<0, the small circle contains more than half of the sky. See also the Region and RegionConvex tables

constraintidbigint8  id for the constraint
regionidbigint8  pointer to RegionDefs
convexidbigint8  unique id for the convex
xfloat8  x component of normal
yfloat8  y component of normal
zfloat8  z component of normal
cfloat8  offset from center along normal