TABLE  MatchHead

describes each bundle of matching objects from different runs

One distinguished object (the first one observed) is the head of a match bundle. Each match object points to its MatchHead and all objects with the same MatchHead form a bundle. The MatchHead describes the bundle, its center point (average RA, DEC), the variance of RA,DEC, and the counts of hits and misses in the bundle.

objIDbigint8  Unique ID of first object in bundle (points to photoObjAll)
averageRafloat8degrees average RA of bundle (matches only)
averageDecfloat8degrees average DEC of bundle (matches only)
varRafloat8degrees variance in RA
varDecfloat8degrees variance in DEC
matchCounttinyint1  count of matches in cluster
missCounttinyint1  count of fake objects in cluster