TABLE  Neighbors

All PhotoObj pairs within 0.5 arcmins

SDSS objects within 0.5 arcmins and their match parameters stored here. Make sure to filter out unwanted PhotoObj, like secondaries.

objIDbigint8 ID_CATALOGThe unique objId of the center object
NeighborObjIDbigint8 ID_CATALOGThe objId of the neighbor
distancefloat8arcminsPOS_ANG_DIST_GENERALDistance between center and neighbor
typesmallint2 CLASS_OBJECTObject type of the center
neighborTypesmallint2 CLASS_OBJECTObject type of the neighbor
modetinyint1 CODE_MISCobject is primary, secondary, family, outside
neighborModetinyint1 CODE_MISCis neighbor primary, secondary, family, outside