TABLE  ObjMask

Contains a record describing each ObjMask/Atlas object

The table contains the outlines of each object over a 4x4 pixel grid, and the bounding rectangle of the object within the frame.

objIDbigint8 ID_MAINUnique Id number, composed of rerun, run, camcol, field, objid
sizeint4 NUMBERnumber of spans allocated
nspanint4 NUMBERactual number of spans
row0int4 POS_OFFSETrow offset from parent region
col0int4 POS_OFFSETcol offset from parent region
rminint4pixPOS_LIMITbounding box min row
rmaxint4pixPOS_LIMITbounding box max row
cminint4pixPOS_LIMITbounding box min col
cmaxint4pixPOS_LIMITbounding box max col
npixint4pixEXTENSION_AREAnumber of pixels in object
spantext16 POS_MAPspan data as string