TABLE  Photoz

The photometrically estimated redshifts for all galaxies in PhotoObjAll.

Please see the Photometric Redshifts entry in Algorithms for more information about the Photoz and Photoz2 tables. NOTE: This table may be empty initially because the photoz values
are computed in a separate calculation after the main data release.

objIDbigint8 ID_MAINunique ID pointing to PhotoObjAll table
zreal4 REDSHIFT_PHOTphotometric redshift
zErrreal4 REDSHIFT_PHOT ERRORerror of the photometric redshift
nnCountsmallint2 NUMBERnearest neighbors after excluding the outliers
nnVolreal4 NUMBERgives the 4 dimensional volume of the rectangular bounding box of the nnCount nearest neighbors
nnIsInsidesmallint2 CODE_MISCshows if the object to be estimated is inside or outside of the box
nnObjIDbigint8 ID_IDENTIFIERobjID of the (first) nearest neighbor
nnSpeczreal4 REDSHIFTspectroscopic redshift of the (first) nearest neighbor
nnFarObjIDbigint8 ID_IDENTIFIERobjID of the farthest neighbor
nnAvgZreal4 REDSHIFTaverage redshift of the nearest neighbors
dmodreal4 PHOT_DIST-MODthe distance modulus for Omega=0.3, Lambda=0.7 cosmology
chiSqreal4 STAT_LIKELIHOODthe chi-square value for the fit
pzTypereal4 CLASS_OBJECTphotometric SED type between 0 and 1
rest_ugreal4 PHOT_CIrest frame u-g color
rest_grreal4 PHOT_CIrest frame g-r color
rest_rireal4 PHOT_CIrest frame r-i color
rest_izreal4 PHOT_CIrest frame i-z color
kcorr_ureal4 PHOT_K-CORRECTIONk correction
kcorr_greal4 PHOT_K-CORRECTIONk correction
kcorr_rreal4 PHOT_K-CORRECTIONk correction
kcorr_ireal4 PHOT_K-CORRECTIONk correction
kcorr_zreal4 PHOT_K-CORRECTIONk correction
absMag_ureal4 PHOT_ABS-MAG PHOT_SDSS_Urest frame u' abs magnitude
absMag_greal4 PHOT_ABS-MAG PHOT_SDSS_Grest frame g' abs magnitude
absMag_rreal4 PHOT_ABS-MAG PHOT_SDSS_Rrest frame r' abs magnitude
absMag_ireal4 PHOT_ABS-MAG PHOT_SDSS_Irest frame i' abs magnitude
absMag_zreal4 PHOT_ABS-MAG PHOT_SDSS_Zrest frame z' abs magnitude