TABLE  Photoz2

Alternate computation of photometrically estimated redshifts for objects in the Galaxy view.

Please see the Photometric Redshifts entry in Algorithms for more information about the Photoz and Photoz2 tables. NOTE: This table may be empty initially because the photoz values
are computed in a separate calculation after the main data release.

objidbigint8 ID_MAINunique ID pointing to PhotoObjAll table
photozcc2float8 REDSHIFT_PHOTCC2 photometric redshift
photozerrcc2float8 REDSHIFT_PHOT_ERRORCC2 photometric redshift error
photozd1float8 REDSHIFT_PHOTD1 photometric redshift
photozerrd1float8 REDSHIFT_PHOT_ERRORD1 photometric redshift error
flagtinyint1 CODE_MISC0=objects with r <= 20, 2=objects with r > 20