TABLE  ProfileDefs

This table contains the radii for the Profiles table

Radii of boundaries of annuli, and number of pixels involved. aAnn is the area of the annulus, and aDisk is the area of the disk out to rOuter. The second column gives the first cell in the annulus, and the third indicates if the values in that annulus are derived from sinc shifting the image to center it on a pixel.
for details see

binint4 EXTENSIONbin
cellint4 EXTENSIONthe first cell in the annulus
sincint4 CODE_MISCsinc shift (0:no, 1:yes)
rInnerfloat8arcsecEXTENSION_RADInner radius of the bin
rOuterfloat8srcsecEXTENSION_RADOuter radius of the bin
aAnnfloat8arcsec^2EXTENSION_AREAThe area of the annulus
aDiskfloat8arcsec^2EXTENSION_AREAThe area of the disk to outerRadius