TABLE  QsoConcordanceAll

A concordance of all the objects from Spectro, Best, or Target that 'smell' like a QSO

QsoConcordanceAll is built from QSOCatalogAll. For each entry in QSOCatalogAll, QsoConcordance collects popular fields from the three different databases involved (Spectro, Best, Target). Its fields are itemized and documented below. See also the QsoCatalogAll table description.

HeadObjIDbigint8  ID of first object in bunch (points to QsoBunch)
tripleIDint4  Unique ID of this triple in the bunch
QsoPrimarybit1  1; this is best triple of bunch
TargetObjIDbigint8  target QSO or surrogate target object or zero
SpecObjIDbigint8  spec QSO or surrogate specobj or 0
BestObjIDbigint8  best QSO or surrogate best or
TargetQsoTargetedbit1  1: Target was flagged QSO
SpecQsoConfirmedbit1  1; Spec was confirmed QSO
SpecQsoUnknownbit1  1; Spec was class unkonwn
SpecQsoLargeZbit1  1; SpecObj has Z > 0.6
SpecQsoTargetedbit1  1; Spec was targeted as QSO
BestQsoTargetedbit1  1: Best was flagged QSO
dist_Target_Bestfloat8arcminsPOS_ANG_DIST_GENERALdistance arcMin between Target and Best
dist_Target_Specfloat8arcminsPOS_ANG_DIST_GENERALdistance arcMin betweenTarget and Spec
dist_Best_Specfloat8arcminsPOS_ANG_DIST_GENERALdistance arcMin between Best and Spec
psfmag_i_difffloat8magPHOT_COLOR-- (target.psfmag_i - best.psfmag_i)
psfmag_g_i_difffloat8magPHOT_COLOR(target.psfmag_g-target.psfmag_i) - (best.psfmag_g-best.psfmag_i)
SpecRafloat8degPOS_EQ_RA_MAINra in J2000
SpecDecfloat8degPOS_EQ_DEC_MAINdec in J2000
SpecCxfloat8 POS_EQ_CART_Xunit vector for ra+dec
SpecCyfloat8 POS_EQ_CART_Yunit vector for ra+dec
SpecCzfloat8 POS_EQ_CART_Zunit vector for ra+dec
SpecZfloat8 REDSHIFTFinal Redshift
SpecZerrreal4 REDSHIFT ERRORRedshift error
SpecZConfreal4 REDSHIFT STAT_PROBABILITYRedshift confidence
SpecZStatusLink to SpecZStatussmallint2 CODE_QUALITYRedshift status
SpecZWarningLink to SpecClassint4  Spectral Classification
SpecClassLink to SpecClasssmallint2  Spectral Classification
SpecPlatesmallint2 ID_PLATEPlate ID
SpecFiberIDsmallint2 ID_FIBERFiber ID
SpecMjdint4MJDTIME_DATEMJD of observation
SpecSciencePrimarysmallint2 CODE_MISCDeemed to be science-worthy (defines default view SpecObj)
SpecPrimTargetint4  Bit mask of target categories
SpecTargetIDbigint8  object ID in target table
SpecTargetObjIDbigint8  Unique ID of the Target observation
SpecBestObjIDbigint8  Unique ID of the Best observation
SpecLineIDbigint8  Unique identifier of the line
SpecMaxVelocityreal4 MAX_VELOCITYVelocity estimate based on FWHM velocity of broadest good line -- /U km/s
SpecPlateSn1_ifloat8  PLATE Spectogram 1(S/N)^2 i band
SpecPlateSn2_ifloat8  PLATE Spectogram 2 (S/N)^2 i band
targetRafloat8deg J2000 right ascension (r')
targetDecfloat8deg J2000 declination (r')
targetCxfloat8 POS_EQ_CART_Xunit vector for ra+dec
targetCyfloat8 POS_EQ_CART_Yunit vector for ra+dec
targetCzfloat8 POS_EQ_CART_Zunit vector for ra+dec
targetPsfMag_ureal4magPHOT_SDSS_UPSF flux
targetPsfMag_greal4magPHOT_SDSS_GPSF flux
targetPsfMag_rreal4magPHOT_SDSS_RPSF flux
targetPsfMag_ireal4magPHOT_SDSS_IPSF flux
targetPsfMag_zreal4magPHOT_SDSS_ZPSF flux
targetPsfMagErr_ureal4mag PSF flux error
targetPsfMagErr_greal4mag PSF flux error
targetPsfMagErr_rreal4mag PSF flux error
targetPsfMagErr_ireal4mag PSF flux error
targetPsfMagErr_zreal4mag PSF flux error
targetExtinction_ureal4mag Extinction in each filter
targetExtinction_greal4mag Extinction in each filter
targetExtinction_rreal4mag Extinction in each filter
targetExtinction_ireal4mag Extinction in each filter
targetExtinction_zreal4mag Extinction in each filter
targetTypeint4  Morphological type classification of object.
targetModeint4  1:primary, 2:secondary,4:outside survey.
targetStatusint4  Photo status flags of this object
targetFlagsbigint8  Photo Object Attribute
targetFlags_ubigint8  Object detection flags per band
targetFlags_gbigint8  Object detection flags per band
targetFlags_rbigint8  Object detection flags per band
targetFlags_ibigint8  Object detection flags per band
targetFlags_zbigint8  Object detection flags per band
targetRowC_ireal4  Row center position (r' coordinates)
targetColC_ireal4  Column center position (r' coordinates)
targetInsideMaskint4  Flag tells if object inside a mask & why
targetPrimTargetint4  Bit mask of primary target categories
targetPriTargHiZint4  1: object flagged as HiZ QSO
targetPriTargLowZint4  1: object flagged as cap|skirt QSO
targetPriTargFirstint4  1: object flagged as first cap|skirt QSO
targetFieldIDbigint8  Field this object is in
targetFieldMjdfloat8  MJD(TAI) Julian Date row 0 was read
targetFieldQualityint4  Quality of field
targetFieldCulledint4  Targets culled from the field
targetSectorIDbigint8  The sector covering this object or 0
targetFirstIDint4  matching FIRST catalog id or 0
targetFirstPeakfloat8  Peak first radio flux
targetRosatIDint4  matching ROSAT source (0 = no match)
targetRosatCpsfloat8ct/s -- integrated ROSAT counts
targetMifloat8  estimated absolute magnitude based on Pen (1999) (or 0)
targetUniformbit1  boolean: part of the uniform QSO sample
bestRafloat8deg J2000 right ascension (r')
bestDecfloat8deg J2000 declination (r')
bestCxfloat8 POS_EQ_CART_Xunit vector for ra+dec
bestCyfloat8 POS_EQ_CART_Yunit vector for ra+dec
bestCzfloat8 POS_EQ_CART_Zunit vector for ra+dec
bestPsfMag_ureal4magPHOT_SDSS_UPSF flux
bestPsfMag_greal4magPHOT_SDSS_GPSF flux
bestPsfMag_rreal4magPHOT_SDSS_RPSF flux
bestPsfMag_ireal4magPHOT_SDSS_IPSF flux
bestPsfMag_zreal4magPHOT_SDSS_ZPSF flux
bestPsfMagErr_ureal4mag PSF flux error
bestPsfMagErr_greal4mag PSF flux error
bestPsfMagErr_rreal4mag PSF flux error
bestPsfMagErr_ireal4mag PSF flux error
bestPsfMagErr_zreal4mag PSF flux error
bestExtinction_ureal4mag Extinction in each filter
bestExtinction_greal4mag Extinction in each filter
bestExtinction_rreal4mag Extinction in each filter
bestExtinction_ireal4mag Extinction in each filter
bestExtinction_zreal4mag Extinction in each filter
bestTypeint4  Morphological type classification
bestModeint4  1:primary, 2:secondary, 4:outside survey
bestFlagsbigint8  Photo Object Attribute Flags
bestFlags_ubigint8  Object detection flags per band
bestFlags_gbigint8  Object detection flags per band
bestFlags_rbigint8  Object detection flags per band
bestFlags_ibigint8  Object detection flags per band
bestFlags_zbigint8  Object detection flags per band
bestRowC_ireal4  Row center position (r' coordinates)
bestColC_ireal4  Column center position (r' coordinates)
bestInsideMaskint4  Flag indicates if object is inside a mask
bestPrimTargetint4  Bit mask of primary target categories
bestPriTargHiZint4  1: object flagged as HiZ QSO
bestPriTargLowZint4  1: object flagged as cap|skirt
bestPriTargFirstint4  1: object flagged as first cap|skirt QSO
bestFieldIDbigint8  Link to the field this object is in
bestFieldMjdfloat8  MJD(TAI) Julian Date when row 0 was read
bestFieldQualityint4  Quality of field in terms of acceptance
bestFieldCulledint4  Targets culled from the field
bestFirstIDint4  FIRST catalog id of one matching source
bestFirstPeakfloat8mJy Peak first radio flux
bestRosatIDint4  ID of matching ROSAT source (0 =no match)
bestRosatCpsfloat8ct/s integrated ROSAT counts
bestMifloat8  estimated absolute magnitude based on Pen (1999) and Pei (1999) (or 0)