TABLE  QsoSpec

Contains a record describing the attributes of each QSO Spec object and also Spectroscopic Surrogates to fill in the QsoConcordanceAll view.

This table is copied from the 'base' Best..SpecObj Table. It has a row for each spectroscopic QSO candidate and if no candidate exists nearby a Target or Best candidate then a 'surrogate' Spectroscopic object is added the closest specobj within 1.5 arcseconds of the QsoBunch head. If no such surrogate Spec object can be found, we use the ZERO surrogate (literally, all fields are zero). The test for a Spec object being a QSO candidate is: primary target flags set to one of TARGET_QSO_HIZ |TARGET_QSO_CAP | TARGET_QSO_SKIRT |TARGET_QSO_FIRST_CAP | TARGET_QSO_FIRST_SKIRT The table also includes the id and summary statistics for matching FIRST and ROSAT objects if they exist, and zero otherwise Also includes absolute magnitude estimated using Pei(1999) if a reliable reshift is available from a corresponding bunch specobj

SpecObjIDbigint8  Unique ID of the Spectro obs
HeadObjIDbigint8 ID_CATALOGUnique ID of Qso Bunch Head
SpecRafloat8degPOS_EQ_RA_MAINra in J2000
SpecDecfloat8degPOS_EQ_DEC_MAINdec in J2000
SpecCxfloat8 POS_EQ_CART_Xunit vector for ra+dec
SpecCyfloat8 POS_EQ_CART_Yunit vector for ra+dec
SpecCzfloat8 POS_EQ_CART_Zunit vector for ra+dec
SpecZfloat8 REDSHIFTFinal Redshift
SpecZerrreal4 REDSHIFT ERRORRedshift error
SpecZConfreal4 REDSHIFT STAT_PROBABILITYRedshift confidence
SpecZStatusLink to SpecZStatussmallint2 CODE_QUALITYRedshift status
SpecZWarningLink to SpecClassint4  Spectral Classification
SpecClassLink to SpecClasssmallint2  Spectral Classification
SpecPlatesmallint2 ID_PLATEPlate ID
SpecFiberIDsmallint2 ID_FIBERFiber ID
SpecMjdint4MJDTIME_DATEMJD of observation
SpecSciencePrimarysmallint2 CODE_MISCDeemed to be science-worthy (defines default view SpecObj)
SpecPrimTargetint4  Bit mask of target categories
SpecLineIDbigint8  Unique identifier of the line
SpecMaxVelocityreal4 MAX_VELOCITYVelocity estimate based on FWHM velocity of broadest good line -- /U km/s
SpecQsoConfirmedtinyint1 CODE_MISC1: was confirmed QSO
SpecBestObjIDbigint8  Unique ID of the Best observation
SpecTargetObjIDbigint8  Unique ID of the Target observation
SpecTargetIDbigint8  object ID in target table
SpecPlateSn1_ifloat8  PLATE Spectogram 1(S/N)^2 i band
SpecPlateSn2_ifloat8  PLATE Spectogram 2 (S/N)^2 i band