TABLE  RegionArcs

Contains the arcs of a Region with their endpoints

An arc has two endpoints, specified via their equatorial coordinates, and the equation of the circle (x,y,z,c) of the arc. The arc is directed, the first point is the beginning, the second is the end. The arc belongs to a Region, a Convex and a patch. A patch is a contigous area of the sky. Within a patch the consecutive arcids represent a counterclockwise ordering of the vertices.

arcidint4  unique id of the arc
regionidbigint8  unique region identifier
convexidbigint8  convex identifier
constraintidbigint8  id of the constraint
patchint4  id of the patch
stateint4  state (3: bounding circle, 2:root, 1: hole)
drawint4  0:hide, 1: draw
ra1float8  ra of starting point of arc
dec1float8  dec of starting point of arc
ra2float8  ra of end point of arc
dec2float8  dec of end point of arc
xfloat8  x of constraint normal vector
yfloat8  y of constraint normal vector
zfloat8  z of constraint normal vector
cfloat8  offset of constraint
lengthfloat8deg length of arc in degrees