TABLE  Rosat

SDSS objects that match to ROSAT objects have their match parameters stored here.

deltareal4arcsecPOS_ANG_DIST_GENERALPosition difference between catalog and photo object (r' band)
matchint4 ID_CATALOGID of the matching ROSAT source (0 = no match)
cpsreal4ct/sPHOT_COUNTS_Xintegrated ROSAT counts
hard1real4 SPECT_HARDNESS-RATIOROSAT hardness ratio 1
hard2real4 SPECT_HARDNESS-RATIOROSAT hardness ratio 2
extentreal4arcsecEXTENSION_RADROSAT extent parameter
exposurereal4sTIME_EXPTIMEROSAT exposure time
posErrreal4arcsecPOS_ANG ERRORError in ROSAT position
cpsErrreal4ct/sERROR PHOT_COUNTS_XError in integrated ROSAT counts
hard1Errreal4 SPECT_HARDNESS-RATIO ERRORError in ROSAT hardness ratio 1
hard2Errreal4 SPECT_HARDNESS-RATIO ERRORError in ROSAT hardness ratio 2
extentLikereal4 STAT_LIKELIHOODROSAT extent parameter likelihood
detectLikereal4 STAT_LIKELIHOODROSAT detection likelihood
objIDbigint8 ID_MAINunique id, points to photoObj