TABLE  Target

Keeps track of objects chosen by target selection and need to be tiled.

Objects are added whenever target selection is run on a new chunk. Objects are also added when southern target selection is run. In the case where an object (meaning run,rerun,camcol,field,id) is targetted more than once, there will be only one row in Target for that object, but there will multiple entries for that Target in the TargetInfo table.

targetIDbigint8 ID_CATALOGhash of run, rerun, camcol, field, object (skyVersion=0)
runsmallint2 OBS_RUNimaging run
rerunsmallint2 CODE_MISCrerun number
camcoltinyint1 INST_IDimaging camcol
fieldint4 ID_FIELDimaging field
objint4 ID_NUMBERimaging object id
regionIDint4 ID_CATALOGID of sector, 0 if unset
rafloat8degPOS_EQ_RA_MAINright ascension
duplicatetinyint1 CODE_MISCduplicate spectrum by mistake
htmIDbigint8 CODE_HTMhtm index
cxfloat8 POS_EQ_CART_Xx projection of vector on unit sphere
cyfloat8 POS_EQ_CART_Yy projection of vector on unit sphere
czfloat8 POS_EQ_CART_Zz projection of vector on unit sphere
bestObjIDbigint8 CODE_MISChashed ID of object in best version of the sky
specObjIDbigint8 CODE_MISChashed ID of specobj in best version of the sky
bestModetinyint1 CLASS_OBJECTmode from BEST PhotoObj
loadVersionint4 ID_VERSIONLoad Version