TABLE  TargetInfo

Unique information for an object every time it is targetted

targetObjIDbigint8 ID_CATALOGID of object in Target (foreign key to Target.TargetObjID)
targetIDbigint8 ID_CATALOGID of entry in Target table
skyVersionint4 ID_VERSIONskyVersion
primTargetLink to PrimTargetint4 CODE_MISCprimTarget from TARGET
secTargetLink to SecTargetint4 CODE_MISCsecTarget from TARGET
priorityint4 CODE_QUALITYtarget selection priority
programTypeLink to ProgramTypeint4 OBS_TYPEspectroscopic program type
programNamevarchar32 ID_SURVEYcharacter string of program (from plate inventory db)
targetModetinyint1 CLASS_OBJECTmode from TARGET PhotoObj
loadVersionint4 ID_VERSIONLoad Version