Table to organize objects into declination zones

In order to speed up all-sky corss-correlations, this table organizes the PhotoObj into 0.5 arcmin zones, indexed by the zone number and ra.

zoneIDint4 EXTENSION_AREAid counts from -90 degrees == 0
rafloat8degPOS_EQ_RA_MAINra of object
decfloat8degPOS_EQ_DEC_MAINdeclination of object
objIDbigint8 ID_CATALOGobject ID
typesmallint2 CLASS_OBJECTobject type (star, galaxy)
modetinyint1 CODE_MISCmode is primary, secondary, family, outside
cxfloat8 POS_EQ_CART_XCartesian x of the object
cyfloat8 POS_EQ_CART_YCartesian y of the object
czfloat8 POS_EQ_CART_ZCartesian z of the object
nativetinyint1 CODE_MISCtrue if obj is local, false if from the destination dataset