FUNCTION  fHtmCoverRegionError

Returns an error message describing what is wrong with @region.

Regions have the syntax
  circleSpec  =>     CIRCLE J2000 ra dec  radArcMin  
| CIRCLE CARTESIAN x y z radArcMin
rectSpec => RECT J2000 {ra dec }2
| RECT CARTESIAN {x y z }2
polySpec => POLY J2000 {ra dec }3+
| POLY CARTESIAN {x y z }3+
hullSpec => CHULL J2000 {ra dec }3+
| CHULL CARTESIAN {x y z }3+
convexSpec => CONVEX { x y z D}*
coverSpec => circleSpec | rectSpec | polySpec | hullSpec | convexSpec
regionSpec => REGION {coverSpec}* | coverspec
for the circle the REGION prefix is optional.
  • Returns: OK, or string giving the above syntax if the region description is in error.
    select dbo.fHtmRegionError('CIRCLE LATLON 190')
    see also fHtmCoverRegion
  • Input and output parameters