Returns the UberCal corrected magnitude for the given magnitude @mag. This is intended for magnitudes that do not already have corrected versions in the UberCal table.

select TOP 10 objid, dbo.fUberCalMag(objid,expMag_u,'u') as uberExpMag_u, dbo.fUberCalMag(objid,expMag_g.'g') as uberExpMag_g, dbo.fUberCalMag(objid,expMag_r,'r') as uberExpMag_r, dbo.fUberCalMag(objid,expMag_i,'i') as uberExpMag_i, dbo.fUberCalMag(objid,expMag_z,'z') as uberExpMag_z from PhotoObj

Input and output parameters