Get the neighbors to a list of @ra,@dec pairs in #upload in photoPrimary within @r arcsec . @w is the weight per object.

The procedure is used in conjunction with a list upload service, where the (ra,dec) coordinates of an object list are put into a temporary table #upload by the web interface. This table name is hardcoded in the procedure. It then returns a matchup table, containing the up_id and the SDSS objId. The result of this is then joined with the photoPrimary table, to return the attributes of the photometric objects. @r is measured in arcsec @w is the weight, it is 1/@sigma^2, where @sigma is in radians @eps is the chisq threshold
create table #x (pk int,id bigint,a float, ax float, ay float, az float)
insert into #x EXEC spGetMatch 2.5, 0.0000001, ...

Input and output parameters