PROCEDURE  spNearestObjEq

Returns table containing the nearest primary object within @r arcmins of an Equatorial point (@ra,@dec)

For the Navigator. Returns the nearest primary object to a given point
ra, dec are in degrees.

returned table:

  • run int, -- run that observed this primary object
  • objID bigint, -- Photo object identifier
  • ra varchar(10), -- ra rounded to 5 decimal places.
  • dec varchar(8), -- dec rounded to 5 decimal places.
  • type varchar(8), -- type: galaxy, star, sky...
  • U, G, R, I, Z, varchar(6), -- magnitude/luptitude rounded to 2 digits.
  • distance varchar(6) -- distance in arc minutes to this object from the ra,dec.
    Sample call to find all the Galaxies within 2 arcminutes of ra,dec 185,-0.5

    EXEC spNearestObjEq 185.0 -0.5 2

    see also fGetNearbyObjEq, fGetNearestObjEq, fGetNearbyObjXYZ, fGetNearestObjXYZ
  • Input and output parameters