PROCEDURE  spRegionAnd

Create a new region containing intersection (AND) of regions d1 and d2.

The new region will contain copies of the intersections of each pair of convexes in the two original regions.
  • id bigint key of object in its source table (e.g. TileID)
  • d1 bigint ID of the first region.
  • d2 bigint ID of the second region.
  • type varchar(16) short description of the region (e.g. stripe)
  • comment varchar(8000) longer description of the region
    returns regionID int the unique ID of the new region.
    Sample call get intersection of two regions

    exec @regionID = spRegionAnd @d1, @d2, 'stripe', 'run 1 2 3'

    see also spRegionNew, spRegionOr, spRegionNot, spRegionDelete,...
  • Input and output parameters