VIEW  spbsParams


This view contains the galaxy-centric parameters for objects with spectra in the database.

The view includes only galaxy spec_cln and the relevant parameters for these objects from the sppParams table.

specobjidbigint8  64 bit unique spectrum id f(p,mjd,fiber)
plateint4  plate number
mjdint4  Modified Julian Date of (last) observation
fiberidint4  Fiber number (1-640) 1-320 on spec#1
targettypevarchar64  SEGUE or Legacy Target type string, see primtarget in specobjall table
rafloat8degrees RA (J2000)
decfloat8degrees DEC (J2000)
brunint4  SDSS Run number (best version of sky)
brerunint4  SDSS Rerun number (best version of sky)
bcamcolint4  SDSS Camcol number (best version of sky)
bfieldint4  SDSS Field number (best version of sky)
bobjint4  SDSS object number (best version of sky)
zbsubclassvarchar64  SpecBS subclass (type of star)
zbelodiesptypevarchar64  SpecBS ELODIE spectral type (type of best match template star)
zbclassvarchar64  SpecBS class (STAR, GALAXY, QSO)
zbrchi2real4  SpecBS rchi2 reduced chi-square per dof
zbdofreal4  SpecBS degrees of freedom measure for best fit template
zbvdispreal4km/s SpecBS Velocity dispersion (for galaxies)
zbvdisperrreal4km/s SpecBS error in Velocity disp
zbzwarningreal4  SpecBS warning flag
spec_clnint4  Spectro1d(Chicago) class 1= star, 2 = Galaxy, 3,4 = QSO, 6= redstar
spzreal4  Spectro1d(Chicago) redshift (Legacy primary objects hand inspected)
spzerrreal4  Spectro1d(Chicago) redhisft error
vel_disreal4km/s Spectro1d(Chicago) Velocity dispersion (for galaxies)
vel_disperrreal4km/s Spectro1d(Chicago) Vel disp error
spz_confreal4  Spectro1d(Chicago) redshift confidence
spz_statusint4  Spectro1d(Chicago) redshift status
spz_warningint4  Spectro1d(Chicago) redshift warning
eclassreal4  Spectro1d(Chicago) galaxy Principal component class
ecoeff1real4  Galaxy Prin. comp. 1 (for galaxies)
ecoeff2real4  Galaxy Prin. comp. 2 (for galaxies)
ecoeff3real4  Galaxy Prin. comp. 3 (for galaxies)
ecoeff4real4  Galaxy Prin. comp. 4 (for galaxies)
ecoeff5real4  Galaxy Prin. comp. 5 (for galaxies)