Access functions

fImageMaskF Return the ImageMask flag value, indexed by name
fImageMaskNF Return the expanded ImageMask corresponding to the flag value as a string

ImageMask Data values

INTERP0x00000001Pixel's value has been interpolated.
SATUR0x00000002Pixel is/was saturated.
NOTCHECKED0x00000004Pixel was NOT examined for an object.
OBJECT0x00000008Pixel is part of some object.
BRIGHTOBJECT0x00000010Pixel is part of bright object.
BINOBJECT0x00000020Pixel is part of binned object.
CATOBJECT0x00000040Pixel is part of a catalogued object.
SUBTRACTED0x00000080Model has been subtracted from pixel.
GHOST0x00000100Pixel is part of a ghost.
COSMIC_RAY0x00000200Pixel is part of a cosmic ray.